Lessons from sporting champions for business success: the stories of 3 Dames

The CEO of Alexander Charles, Kelvin Trott, was honoured to have met Dames Katherine Grainger, Kelly Holmes and Laura Davies at the London Sporting Club in Berkeley Square this month. Each of the Dames shared inspirational stories of their personal journeys revealing how they harnessed dedication, tenacity, persistence and pure ability to become champions. No story was without challenges and obstacles which needed to be overcome in order to grasp victory; and the virtues these sportswomen displayed can also translate into the tools required for success in business.

Britain’s most decorated Olympic female athlete, Dame Katherine Grainger revealed the highs and lows of her career in rowing and how important the ‘home crowd’ was when they cheered her to her Olympic Gold at the 2012 Games in London. All successful leaders need supporters cheering them on, supporting them in the face of adversity and celebrating their wins; similarly great leaders do the same for their own employees and teams. These are the types of leaders which Alexander Charles has on their books: professionals with a competitive edge, who are driven to succeed, and who know that a successful business is one where the team supports each other and pulls together.

Dame Laura Davies then spoke about how she became England’s most successful female golfer (84 professional wins worldwide, with 20 on the LPGA Tour, including four majors) also making history as the first female participant in several golfing championships. Her maverick bravery shows that breaking down barriers and leading the way in an unknown arena can result in huge success. Alexander Charles has always been a firm supporter of women in business by supporting female leaders who thrive in senior positions. Many of the clients which Alexander Charles partners with are also groundbreaking in their own sectors, producing cutting-edge services and products which pave the way with great success within their own respective industries.

Finally Dame Kelly Holmes, record-breaking middle distance athlete described her journey to double gold medal Olympic champion through challenges such as multiple injuries. She credits her success at the 2004 Athens games to being surrounded by the most talented team in the business, from her trainer to her physio. This message translate particularly well into business; in the new industrial revolution, which is the digital age, we need to surround ourselves with the brightest and best to support our organisations. This is a skill which the consultants at Alexander Charles are very adept at, aiming to provide clients with the best professionals and resources available in the market place.