“SEED’s mission is to create a facility that provides sufferers and carers alike affected by Eating Disorders, with confidential independent and non-judgemental advice and support to ensure they are aided by the best possible network of care and support to facilitate recovery.”

SEED is a local Hull charity, with national and international outreach, helping people with eating disorders to have motivation, information and support to recover, and to support their carers and loved ones. Seed began 24 years ago when Marg and Dennis discovered their daughter’s eating disorder at just 10 years old. While fighting to get her the support she needed, they saw the huge gap in support available. Their daughter Gemma was turned away for treatment being told “She’s not low enough in weight to have a problem, it’s probably just a phase”, devastatingly this response meant that just a year later Marg and Dennis were told that their daughter had just 24 hours to live. Thus began their 13-year battle where upon they nearly lost their daughter 4 times to this devastating mental health illness. They knew, change was desperately needed. Now fully recovered, Gemma Oaten is the CEO of SEED as well as being a well known actress and uses her lived experience to ensure that all those affected by eating disorders have the chance to not just survive but THRIVE.