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ACA Insights: Stormy Time for the High Street

An unprecedented decline in shop visitors occurred during March and April, with bad weather being blamed on the 4.8% reduction in shoppers. Several large High Street retailers have recently declared bankruptcy including Toys ‘R’ Us and Maplin, with Claire’s Accessories filing for bankruptcy in the US and stores such as Carpet Right and New Look […]

The Economic Future: Cautious Optimism Reinforced

Ten days after we posted our predictions for the year ahead which urged cautious optimism, it seems the rest of the world has caught up! Advice from several quarters on the state of the global economy and Britain in particular, suggests only short-term optimism with reservations about prosperity for Britain as potential for growth remains overshadowed […]

ACA Predicts the Landscape in 2018

Following 18 months of Brexit uncertainty and wavering markets, 2018 begins with a more positive outlook for the future; the news is filled of reports of record stock market growth, a decline in unemployment and predictions of prosperity from the World Bank. Are we right to expect good times in the near future, or is […]